HLB leiar EU-prosjekt om læring

Det HLB-leia EU-prosjektet SISTRE hadde sitt første planleggingsmøte tidleg i november. Deltakarar frå Noreg, Frankrike og Tyrkia drøfta korleis ein pedagogisk kan leggja best mogleg til rette for vaksne studentar.

The SISTRE project focuses on improving understanding and practice in order to improve retention rates for adult students who return to classes after a period away from formal education. An extension of a previous Grundtvig project of which HLB was a member – VOLARE (Voice Of the Learner As Real Enablement) – the SISTRE project is an Action Research type project which intends to work with, and learn from adult students in order to better know what can be done to make their learning more meaningful to them. It asks students to reflect on questions such as “‘Why should I learn?” and “How do I learn best”? By involving students this way we encourage them to take charge of their own learning, to reflect on “who am I as a learner?” and to help us help them be more successful.

This first meeting was a planning meeting involving staff from the Darussafaka Association Residential School in Instanbul, Turkey, and L’Etablissement Public Local d’Enseignement et de Formation Professionnelle Agricole du Cher, an Agricultural College near Bourges, France. We have four more meetings in the project and students will be centrally involved in each as we work together to build learning environments where students can be, and do their best.

Frå HLB deltok Rhys Evans og Anny Hagesæter.