HGUt Collaboration with Chemical University of Pardubice, Tsjekkia

In October 2023 HGUt staff members Rhys Evans and Johan Barstad made a final Project Meeting with our partners at the Chemical University of Pardubice, along with Professor Jonathon Tritter, in Pardubice Tsjekkia.  This is a Knowledge-sharing project with the University which focuses upon Circular Economy and creating new joint curricula material. 

During the visit Evans and Barstad presented lectures and worked directly with our partners to share our knowledge of Regenerative Development and Circular Society, which directly complements their own work on the Greening of the Chemical Industry.

Over the week of the visit they also took us to visit very interesting sites in Eastern Czechia, including a local explosives factory, a visit to a local wetland under careful management, and an old flour mill in the city centre which has been repurposed into a very creative centre for public education of science.

This project was funded by the EØS Norway Grants.